Quick Fix Weekends

Weekends are great for getting done quick fix projects around the house. It is awhile since I did these simple changes in my kitchen and have finally decided to share this successful fix.

Have you ever found some decor/architectural issue around the house that seem to need a permanent solution that might require calling carpenters and masons and waiting for them endlessly? Well, I had a similar problem in my kitchen and I decided to fix it myself. It is not the perfect, permanent solution, but that is what I like about it, the ability to be creative and maybe change the setting later.

The problem : The modular kitchen chimney.

The fitting by the vendor was done in such a way the chimney metal could be seen protruding over the wooden border. This sight made more unsightly by the fact that the house was built on split level, which meant climbing the stairs to the living area, the protruding chimney and pipe outlet was more prominent.

 Kitchen Before1

The Solution : A few spare wooden panels and a chai matki set!Chai Set wood panels

I just placed the wooden panels, the plain rectangular one seen in the photo above, over the protruding part of the chimney and used to support the Chai Matki set and the shaped panel as the facade of this quick fix.

The outcome


Well it was the easiest way to solve my problem and the chai matki and kettle stand out rather beautifully against the bright yellow kitchen wall!

A Nice, Long Weekend

So the much awaited  long weekend is finally here, with elections and festivals lined up. And we have decided to make a small road trip to our relatives’ homes over the next three days starting early in the morning tomorrow. I’m quite excited as I will be visiting a more than 100 year old traditional home there, a mango orchard and might just get a peek into how silk thread is dyed and set for the weaving process 😀

So lets see how it goes and hopefully I have some great stuff to share on Monday!

I love long weekends, because it could mean travel. What about you, what do you love about your weekends?

Happy Weekend 🙂


Is Decor Truly Effortless?

Yellow WallThis sunny yellow accent wall in our dining and kitchen brings cheer to every meal!

It is good to be back after the weekend break, last evening we attended our neighbor’s house warming and then had friends over who are still in the process of getting their new home built. Among the topics of conversation ranging from home loans to modular kitchen vendors, we also spoke about designing and decorating our homes. So how much effort or fun is decor truly? Considering architects and interior designers get paid a bomb for each project and even electricians charge exorbitant rates for fixing pre-assembled lights in India, interiors do take some effort, right?

Before I moved into my new home, I extensively researched Indian and global decor blogs for ideas, inspiration and do’s & dont’s. Some of these blogs spoke of how design and decor has to be an effortless process and primarily fun. I agree to the extent that by effortless they mean, don’t bother filling every nook and corner in your home. But other than that, in my personal experience, yes it definitely takes effort.

As your new home takes shape, you will be actively involved in reviewing your options and choosing from them in regard to everything ranging from flooring to electrical points and certain other important aspects such as sanitary fittings. Because we had budget constraints we took the ‘step-by-step’ approach, getting the absolute necessities in place and later building on them. In fact we still have quite a bit of painting and lighting pending after 7 months of moving in 🙂

Choosing lighting for example took us some planning and work. We did not want false ceiling and so had to really plan our electrical points beforehand so that when we later fixed our lamps they looked good. Choosing lights, I must admit is a magical process. I love lights and stepping into a shop with a sky full of different lamps was amazing! But then came the choosing process, for the ceilings, walls, floors and even  tables! It was good fun, but by the time we got done we were in dire need of an energy drink. My husband fixed the lights and much to his dismay I was not satisfied with the look in some rooms and now we have to take them down to be replaced 😛

So as much fun and exciting the process of designing and decorating your new home is, it also takes plenty effort and planning. Of course that is exactly why it becomes an unforgettable experience! And more important than anything else, this is the simplest way to personalise your home. Personalising your home is much more than displaying family heirlooms and curios from travels.  It starts with your bricks and walls, because your choice and your family’s choice in every step of the process, from the colour of your walls to the furniture you buy will make your home uniquely yours and special for life! And of course a few years down the lane, as your decor evolves and only involves redoing certain aspects such as your sofa upholstery or bringing in seasonal elements, decor truly becomes just fun!

living roomA corner of our living room in the evening

Are you doing up your home, what is your take? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Weekend Bliss, Vishu and Small Joys!

Been feeling a little low today, too many thoughts to process and too much planning to do! It did not feel like Friday evening, till I headed over to Pinterest and saw some heart warming quotes on HOME, some specially describe my own!

It cannot be more aptly put! And this weekend I’m taking Calvin & Hobbes (my 3 year old cocker spaniel and 7 month old lab) swimming! They deserve a cool break from the summer heat!in a perfect world every dog would have a home and every home would have a dog


This weekend we have no events, no hectic schedules, just relax, drink tea, catch an animation movie and sleep!this is my happy place


Celebrating our first Vishu (Malayalam New Year) on April 14th and VishuKkani – where we set up all good things such as new clothes, healthy and fresh food and fruits, some gold, gods and all things that signify health, prosperity and happiness to be set the previous night and seen first thing on waking up! I’m so excited!life  happens here


This is so true, I love a white wall, especially because it means I can paint on it!paint a room white and you have a canvas for anything


Haha, you get the drift, no heavy-duty cleaning this weekend!the house is clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy


There truly is no place like home!there's no place like home


This one made me smile, our new home has a lot many stairs being a house built on split levels, I initially hated climbing up and down a 100 times a day, but now I love it about our home and its great exercise for free!my favourite thing about our home is verticality


I would like to live by this…some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful


True. True. True.house love home


And I count my blessings every single day, thank you god!having somewhere to go is home, someone to love is family, both is a blessing


Yes friends are dropping by on Sunday!in our home let love abinde and bless all those who step inside


I hate dust and there is plenty where I live, but well this is small consolation!Dust it's what gives a home a warm and fuzzy feeling

And I saved the best for the last!what i love most about my home is who I share it with

Home is family! Happy weekend everyone!

Happy Vishu & Happy Baisakhi