Wall Mural

It has been a long time since I had the opportunity to paint directly on the wall, what with staying in rented houses and having to deal with irate house owners! But since we moved into our new home, my hands have been itching to dress up one of the walls. The TV room is small and so the accent wall has been painted a light blue and a beautiful silver framed mirror we found from an amazing shop on Commercial Street hung on the other wall.

I love the mirror, but somehow felt the wall looked too plain and due to space constraints, I did not want to add a console table beneath it. So I wondered why not wall decal option? Browsing through the decals available online, I decided I would rather paint it myself! I had some paint remaining from painting the wall, and imagined the same light blue would look great.

Here is the wall before the painting:

plain wall

In Progress :

mural progressThe mostly finished wall :

2And some final improvements :DSC_0053A few close-up shots:DSC_0056The owl :DSC_0054

The room looks a lot cozier now! What do you think?




Monday Jumpstart!

We had a great weekend, finally got around to fixing some long pending light fixtures, went shopping, finished my painting and had a great Sunday evening with friends. Here is the finished 3 panel painting on our living room wall.

buddha seriesNow I’m thinking what do I paint next ? There are lot of empty walls to experiment with! So what are you looking forward to this week?


Art On Multiple Panels

I’m absolutely loving this style of paintings and art on more than a single panel. The concept of carrying the art across 2, 3, or even more number of panels provide exciting visual and serve as the focal point of a room. I’ve been wanting a 3 panel painting for my living room accent wall and looking for some inspiration fell upon these great finds!

They range from paintings on canvass, to digital prints, textured clay mediums, textured wood and even metal.

5 panel abstract painting_framingpainting

Abstract art panels with gorgeous colour treatment! (Photo Credit : framingpaintings.com)

Abstract 3 panel dancers art_aliexpress

Abstract dancer inspired painting on canvass in 3 panels (Photo Credit : aliexpress.com)

3 panel nature inspired colour play art

Nature inspired canvass paintings across 3 panels, an interesting combination of colour and texture. (Photo Credit : osnatfineart.com)

Seasons 4 panel art_osnatfineart

Season inspired 4 seasons panel art, painting on canvass (Photo Credit : osnatfineart.com)

mixed sizes 4 panel

Mixed canvass size art panels (Photo Credit : dhgate.com)

4 panel digital art

Digital art print on mixed panel size and alignment (Photo Credit : dhgate.com)

kiss 3 panel_ebay

Popular paintings such as ‘The Kiss’ by Gustav Klimt available in 3panel prints. (Photo Credit : ebay.com)


Trending map art on walls in 3 panels, I love the colour combination on this one, will look great on a contrasting wall (Photo Credit : dhgate.com)

pattern play 3 panel

Fabric art panels with gold leaves ( Photo Credit : kohls.com)

DIY decoupage 2panel_paintandpattern

DIY 2 Panel Art Decoupage with scrapbook paper (Photo Credit : paintandpattern.com)

vinyl wall art stickers in 3 panels

Stencil inspired vinyl sticker panel art (Photo Credit : thestickerhut.com)

reclaimed wood panels_ourweehome.wordpress

Reclaimed wood panel art provide an interesting display by itself or with photos pinned on or even with splash of paint! (Photo Credit : ourweehome.wordpress.com)


Wallpaper panels of the same pattern  framed in three parts for a cost effective yet unique look (Photo Credit : shelterness.com)

butterfly metal art 3 panel_001_marketplace.secondlife

3 panel art with metal detailing (Photo Credit : marketplace.secondlife.com)


3D Clay art on multiple  panels prove to have striking texture and appeal! (Photo Credit : shadowsonstone.blogspot.com)

installation panels 3_curbly

Very creative panel art with canvass backdrop supporting the contrasting branches painted in white. I would  love to try this at home! (Photo Credit : curbly.com)

stencil art panels_houzz

Stencil based art done on the wall in sections can provide the same look as the above panel art and can be beautiful based on the colour and detailing (Photo Credit : houzz.com)

I was so inspired and encouraged to try something on my own. I bought 3 canvasses and painted a visual very close to my heart and of course would look gorgeous on my blue accent wall. I have finished 2 panels, the 3rd one will be done and mounted on the wall this Saturday! I promise a better pic of all three soon!


The 2 panels that are ready, acrylic on stretched canvass, dimensions 15×22

panel painting 1The center panel  🙂

The ways in which you can display multiple panel art in your home is truly only limited to your imagination, don’t you agree? Happy Weekend!