You Against The World

Be it challenges at home or at work, all issues of life seem to pit you against the world.

But the more you think about it you shall realise the bigger challenge is You v/s You

This quote is so simple, both in its visual space and meaning… yet have you envisioned a world, where all you focus on is to simply blow your own mind!?


What will it take for you to feel you have achieved something unique? What is your cause?  What is your dream?

Whatever it may be…try for a change to stop pleasing others and simply astonish yourself!

A Nice, Long Weekend

So the much awaited  long weekend is finally here, with elections and festivals lined up. And we have decided to make a small road trip to our relatives’ homes over the next three days starting early in the morning tomorrow. I’m quite excited as I will be visiting a more than 100 year old traditional home there, a mango orchard and might just get a peek into how silk thread is dyed and set for the weaving process 😀

So lets see how it goes and hopefully I have some great stuff to share on Monday!

I love long weekends, because it could mean travel. What about you, what do you love about your weekends?

Happy Weekend 🙂