Inspiration on the Wall…

I have always been amused by the concept of having inspiration stare right back at you as you look at a previously empty space on the wall! Confused? Don’t worry I’m not referring to the paranormal, i’m in fact, wondering about wall decals that present themselves as inspiring quotes or phrases.

Though some of them look extremely well-placed, I can’t help but feel like i’m choosing a tattoo to be inked permanently into my skin. Most wall decals these days are easy to use and just as easy to remove. Nevertheless, even the little time they may spend on your favourite wall requires a certain commitment to the philosophy it portrays. Yes or maybe not really?

I’ve been contemplating having an inspiring quote on a the wall in my dining room or study for a long time now, but still trying to find my ideal decal! Here are some I find inspiring…










and lastly…


Would you like to have inspiring words cheer you up at home? And what would be your favourite quote on the wall?

A Nice, Long Weekend

So the much awaited  long weekend is finally here, with elections and festivals lined up. And we have decided to make a small road trip to our relatives’ homes over the next three days starting early in the morning tomorrow. I’m quite excited as I will be visiting a more than 100 year old traditional home there, a mango orchard and might just get a peek into how silk thread is dyed and set for the weaving process 😀

So lets see how it goes and hopefully I have some great stuff to share on Monday!

I love long weekends, because it could mean travel. What about you, what do you love about your weekends?

Happy Weekend 🙂


Watch A Flower Blooming…

Watch A Flower Opening In The Morning.

Just Go On Watching,

This Is Grace.

There Is No Effort At All,

The Flower Just Moves According To Nature.

~ Osho




flower iiflower iii

Flowers add so much happiness to the environment. It was pleasure watching this bud slowly transform into a full bloom today!

Weekend Bliss, Vishu and Small Joys!

Been feeling a little low today, too many thoughts to process and too much planning to do! It did not feel like Friday evening, till I headed over to Pinterest and saw some heart warming quotes on HOME, some specially describe my own!

It cannot be more aptly put! And this weekend I’m taking Calvin & Hobbes (my 3 year old cocker spaniel and 7 month old lab) swimming! They deserve a cool break from the summer heat!in a perfect world every dog would have a home and every home would have a dog


This weekend we have no events, no hectic schedules, just relax, drink tea, catch an animation movie and sleep!this is my happy place


Celebrating our first Vishu (Malayalam New Year) on April 14th and VishuKkani – where we set up all good things such as new clothes, healthy and fresh food and fruits, some gold, gods and all things that signify health, prosperity and happiness to be set the previous night and seen first thing on waking up! I’m so excited!life  happens here


This is so true, I love a white wall, especially because it means I can paint on it!paint a room white and you have a canvas for anything


Haha, you get the drift, no heavy-duty cleaning this weekend!the house is clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy


There truly is no place like home!there's no place like home


This one made me smile, our new home has a lot many stairs being a house built on split levels, I initially hated climbing up and down a 100 times a day, but now I love it about our home and its great exercise for free!my favourite thing about our home is verticality


I would like to live by this…some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful


True. True. love home


And I count my blessings every single day, thank you god!having somewhere to go is home, someone to love is family, both is a blessing


Yes friends are dropping by on Sunday!in our home let love abinde and bless all those who step inside


I hate dust and there is plenty where I live, but well this is small consolation!Dust it's what gives a home a warm and fuzzy feeling

And I saved the best for the last!what i love most about my home is who I share it with

Home is family! Happy weekend everyone!

Happy Vishu & Happy Baisakhi

Life is full of…

Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.
-Ashley Smith

Many inspiring observations come free… like this photo, taken as the beach side sunlight streamed through my wine glass, the fiery flame dancing on the table-mat was so mesmerizing!